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At Shop Shields we offer a variety of protective solutions for work spaces, retail locations and medical practices.

Ranging from our protective acrylic screens to personal protective equipment.

We are a UK based company, offering nationwide delivery and installation.

If you can’t find what you are looking for – get in touch with our team, who would be happy to help 01895 207 990 or [email protected]

Protective Screens

Protective Acrylic Screens

We offer a range of ready-made and easy to assemble protective acrylic plastic screens including:

  • Shop Shields
  • Reception Desk Shields
  • Pharmacy Shields
  • Nail Salon Shields
  • Office Shields
  • Partition Shields

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You can find a range of ready to ship personal protective equipment on our online shop including:

  • Face Shields
  • K95 Respirator Masks
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Fluid Repellent Surgical Face Masks
  • Microbial Surface Wipes
Wholesale & bulk purchasing

We also offer wholesale prices for large quantities of personal protective equipment , contact our team 01895 207 990 or [email protected].

Protective Screens

Bespoke Services

Looking for a bespoke fit made-to-measure Shield? We can create and install our clear acrylic protective shields to fit your exact requirements.

Our most popular options are:

If you’d like to discuss another type of shield for any other type of use please contact us on 01895 207 990 or [email protected]

Sanitisation Solutions

Our hand sanitiser totems are are great solution office spaces, reception areas, waiting rooms, schools, shops, restaurants, dental practice, doctors surgeries and other places of work or public spaces where high level of hand hygiene is required.

These easy to assemble freestanding stations come in a range of colours with a refillable dispenser.

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Fogging Sanitisation

Our fogging process delivers a fine mist of eco-friendly, organic, all natural and extremely effective sanitising solution on all surfaces.

Kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Complete room disinfection, covering all surfaces, including hard to reach with no residue. 

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Multi-Person Screening Camera

Thermal access control solutions are the first line of defense for public environments and industrial faced with managing the risk associated with a global pandemic.

Our Technology accurately detects and warns of potentially feverish or contagious personnel, by screening for elevated body temperatures using next-gen thermal imaging technology.

social distancing

Social Distancing Signage

Our range of social distancing signage is eye-catching, easy to read, anti-slip, leaving no residue and simple to apply. 

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